What Is A Pellet Grill?

what is a pellet grill

Many people, especially those hardcore barbecue smokers, thought pellet grills were a fad. But now, they are one of the hottest trends in the industry. With pellet grills, you get the flavour of wood smoke coupled with the convenience of gas. But how? And what else they can offer? We’ll explain all of that in this article. So if you are new to pellet smoking or want to learn what is a pellet grill and how it works, we can help.

What Is A Pellet Grill Smoker?

Pellet smokers are outdoor grills that use food-grade wood that has been compressed into a pellet as the fuel source. They mix elements of charcoal grills, gas grills and convection ovens. You can use them in various ways to meet the needs of any griller. For instance, they can be used to roast, smoke, sear, and bake, providing versatility and performance to meet any griller’s requirements.

Some of them use electricity while hardwood pellets fuel others. With a wide range of temperatures, these smokers can help you cook the most delicate brisket, rib, or other foods using various cooking techniques, even if you’re not an expert.

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Difference Between Traditional Gas Grills And Pellet Grills

Pellet grills use a powdery, compressed fuel called pellets instead of natural charcoal or wood. Charcoal and wood are great for grilling, but they produce tons of carbon monoxide. That’s the gas that makes you tired and sleepy and can damage your health. In contrast, pellets don’t give off carbon monoxide. Instead, they give off water vapour and smoke, which cleanse the air in the surrounding environment. It is crucial, particularly when grilling outdoors where the air is already polluted with other harmful gasses and particles.

How Do Pellet Grills Work?

The process of working of pellet grill has been described below.

Firstly, the wood pellets are poured into a hopper-like container.

Then a spinning auger transports the pellets into an electrically powered firepot.

Next, a heated rod ignites the pellets in the firepot, causing them to burn and emit heat and smoke.

The induction fan then draws in air to help with combustion.

After that, a heat baffle sits above the fire pot to properly distribute any direct heat throughout the grill rather than allowing it to burn your food. Above that, a grease drip tray collects grease drippings and helps to spread the heat.

Finally, the induction fan circulates smoke and heat from the firepot throughout the grill chamber, allowing you to cook your food in a convection-style manner.

What Is A PID Controller For Pellet Grill?

A PID (for “proportional, integral, derivative”) controller uses a sensor (thermistor) that’s placed in the food being cooked to detect the temperature. Based on this information, the controller calculates the required heating time. It then turns on the heating element for a set amount of time, after which it checks to see if the food is at the proper temperature. If it’s not, the controller will turn on the heating element for a shorter time the next time, and so on, until the food is cooked to the desired doneness.

How Does A PID Controller Work?

In the most simplistic terms, a PID controller regulates a system (in this case, a furnace) by adjusting its operating parameters according to feedback. The output of a PID is the setpoint value (typically measured in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius). The input comes in the form of a signal representing the actual temperature at the output. For example, an analogue voltage may indicate the difference between a target temperature and an existing temperature or a digital signal indicating whether a temperature is within a specific range.

PID Controller VS Standard Controllers: Which Is Best For Pellet Grilling?

Most PID controllers can be used for pellet grilling, but it’s essential to make sure your controller can deliver the type of precision you require. Look for a PID controller with an advanced algorithm that can perform more than a single temperature zone and have the ability to handle power fluctuations.

Which Pellet Grills/Smokers Have PID Controllers?

Most new pellet smokers now have built-in proportional, integral, and derivative (PID) controllers. These are very sophisticated devices that allow the owner to set and adjust the smoker’s heat to whatever level the owner chooses. The controller automatically adjusts the heat up or down as necessary to maintain a consistent temperature. PID is the most advanced form of control available.

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What Is A Smoke Tube For Pellet Grill?

A smoker tube is a perforated metal canister into which you load pellets. The pellets burn slowly in the tube, releasing their scent and heat. The ends are generally accessible so that you can light the pellets once they’ve been placed in the tube. The pellets burn for a few hours; however, the exact amount of time depends on the tube’s volume and the number of pellets. The tube’s purpose is to keep the pellets close together while restraining excessive airflow from preventing them from overheating.

How Does A Pellet Grill Control The Temperature?

This type of grill has a combustion chamber that contains pellets that burn at extremely high temperatures. The combustion chamber is surrounded by a metal jacket used to retain heat. When the heat builds inside the combustion chamber, an air intake fan draws in air and passes it through the jacket to burn the pellets and heat the chamber. Once it reaches the desired temperature, a temperature sensor shuts off the air intake fan, and the pellets begin to burn, heating the chamber. After about 10 minutes, the pellets burn out, and the chamber cools.

Why Should You Choose Pellet Grill?

Compared to other types of grills, pellet grills may appear complicated, but they’re simple to use. They also impart a unique wood-smoked flavour to meats and vegetables that you can’t get with a regular grill or burner.

Below are the benefits of the pellet grill that will explain why you should opt for this.

Requires No Supervision

All you have to do is plug in your grill, load it with wood pellets, light the fire, and get grilling. Unfortunately, there are no propane tanks in this area. However, you will require a hopper and auger to maintain your pellet barbecue.

Many pitmasters prefer not having to babysit their smokes continually. Sure, from time to time, you’ll wish to control the smoke’s amount and intensity. You won’t be riveted to the smoker, though.

Inexpensive to Run

Pellet grills consistently burn premium wood pellets. In general, one pound of pellets will provide one hour of cooking time.

You’ll have to pay for an electric hookup for your pellet barbecue, so keep that in mind. Besides, most people don’t notice changes in their electricity expenses, primarily if they only use their smokers for dinners.

Variety of Sizes and Styles.

You’re never obligated to purchase a specific pellet grill. Pellet grills, such as the Grilla Grills, are an excellent example of this that comes in different sizes and shapes.

For example, you may get a fantastic pellet grill for your backyard or balcony area. Even pitmasters living in apartments can generally locate a smoker that suits their needs and available cooking area.

Rich Flavor Infuse Your Recipes

The taste that comes from the wood pellet smoke is one of the main reasons people enjoy grilling on a pellet grill. If you smoke your brisket with hickory or mesquite wood pellets, the meat will take on the powerful overtones of the wood.

You owe it to your taste buds to consider purchasing a pellet grill if you’ve gotten weary of the same old flavour.

Cons Of A Pellet Grill

There are a few disadvantages that come with this versatile device.

Grilling Requires Electricity

Pellet grills require energy to operate because electricity is employed for digital control features. As a result, it limits their utility in situations when power is a scarce resource. In contests, I’ve seen pellet grills run on battery packs. Nonetheless, the need for electricity can be viewed as a drawback.

Not Recommended to Use in Wet Conditions

Pellet grills aren’t ideal for usage in wet conditions. Although the electronics may withstand mild soaking, it is not recommended. Moist surroundings don’t suit wood pellets, nor do wet circumstances work for charcoal.

Therefore, it is crucial to keep pellets and charcoal dry.

High-Temperature Grilling Performance

The majority of pellet grills can reach temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You can sear with this, but the finest sear happens at 600-700 degrees. Hence, utilizing a product like Grill Grates to help create a better sear to achieve this is essential. [1]

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How Long Does It Take To Cook On A Pellet Grill?

It takes about 20 minutes to cook a meal with a pellet grill, and it only takes a few minutes to light up the pellets. So you can start a pellet grill and let it go for hours and hours until you have to put it out for the night. You need to make sure it’s a very windy day, and you won’t have any problems. I don’t think you have to be a pro or anything to get started. It’s pretty easy to light up the grill.

How Much Can I Cook On A Pellet Grill?

It depends on various factors. For instance, how much “can you grill” will determine how much space you have available to set up your cooking area and what you will be grilling.

Are Pellet Grills Better Than Charcoal?

There are several advantages to using pellets over charcoal. They eliminate the risk of exploding tanks, are easy to use and clean, and there is no need to buy charcoal canisters. However, pellet smokers are slightly more expensive than gas grills. This difference is typically less than $100, but a few models are twice as expensive as a comparable charcoal grill. The most expensive ones can be more than double the price of a charcoal grill.

Do pellet Grills Cook Like Gas Grills?

No, they don’t. A pellet grill works on a different principle than a traditional gas or charcoal grill. With a pellet grill, you load the hopper with pre-compressed pellets made from corn or some other fuel source. These pellets are around 1/4″ in diameter and have an ignition system stuck to the outside. As the pellets burn, they release a very high amount of heat (as much as 14,000°F!). This heat is then transferred to the food being cooked by conduction.

What Is A Wood Pellet Grill Good For?

A pellet grill is perfect for grilling foods like steaks and burgers, but it’s also excellent for cooking chicken, sausages, steaks, ribs, and seafood! In addition to that, it is great for roasting marshmallows and works perfectly with smokers or ovens, whether conventional or propane.

What Is the Warranty On A Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

All pit boss pellet grills carry a warranty. Ones manufactured by Dansons has a 5-year warranty against defects on electrical components and artistry on all parts.


A pellet grill is a versatile device that lets you cook food in various ways, including on a grill over the coals or by placing food into the flame and cooking on top. It looks like a traditional charcoal grill, but it works differently than a typical grill.

Light the pellets or briquettes and then place the food over them. Cook food over the flame and finally get that delicious smoky flavour.

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