Kamado Joe Classic II Review

kamado joe classic ii

There are many ideal Kamado grills available in the market, but if you’re looking for something that will serve you well for years to come, then a Kamado Joe’s Grill is your best bet. It will make your meat and vegetables melt in your mouth soft and tender. If you can’t decide which Kamado Joe ceramic cooker is right for you, we’ve got you covered. In this Kamado Joe Classic II review, you will learn about its specifications, features, pros, and cons, as well as genuine feedback on how these Kamados perform.

Kamado Joe’s several ceramic kamados offer the ultimate flexibility when it comes to serious cooking. The versatility means they’re perfect for everything from traditional-style pizzas to seared steaks, ribs, brisket, bread, and even dessert.

The Kamado Joe Classic II grill has several beneficial features to take grilling to another level. In addition, the attractive design offers excellent heat control, and it is manufactured with heavy-duty ceramic. The Kamado Joe BBQ will change your mind if you have never heard of ceramic cookers before.

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About the Brand

For years, the Big Green Egg was the undisputed king of the kamado industry, but another company, “Kamado Joe,” made its mark. Kamado Joe offered the first serious threat to Big Green Egg’s dominance and became their serious competitor.

Kamado Joe has become one of the leading innovators and inventors for Kamado grilling. They’ve expanded their product line, and they’re working on several creations for their customers.

Customer support is another good thing to praise, the owner Bobby Brennan himself, takes the customer-related issues seriously and becomes active on social media. The responsible brand always stands by their products; that’s why they own a vast community of fans worldwide.

Kamado Joe’s Classic II Review

Kamado Joe KJ23NRHC Classic Joe II Stand Alone Charcoal Grill, 18 inch, Blaze Red

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as of March 24, 2023 4:02 pm

Product Specifications

  • Grate material: 304 stainless steel
  • Barbecue material: Glazed ceramic
  • Cooking capacity: 256 sq. inches in basic setup, 508 sq. inches with two sets of grates or 660 sq. inches with two sets of grates and expander, 407 sq. inches with grill expander.
  • Heat Capacity: 225°F – 750°F
  • Dimensions: 46.5″ W x 48″ H x 28″ D
  • Fuel type: Charcoal
  • Model: Classic II
  • Weight: 188lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime

The Kamado Joe Classic II has become world-famous in a short time because of its unbelievable features. It is one of the most popular kamados on the market and is undoubtedly the best for beginners and people new to the kamado cooking world.

Kamado Joe kept the high-fired ceramic walls of the traditional Kamado in this Classic II model. They used good quality material so that they could get perfect heat, humidity, and smoke to perfectly barbecue your meal from the full circle around. They also had a porcelain-glazed exterior which makes it cool to touch, so there is no need to worry about burning your hands.


The Joe Classic II grill is 18 inches in diameter and crafted out of ceramic for a smooth, nonstick surface. The red color is very eye-catching and striking. Because it has a shape like an egg, the domed head is just a bit on the long side. This lid has a temperature-measuring device attached, making it easy to monitor the temperature reductions and increase details while grilling.

The Kamado Joe grill is an innovative design that stands out from the crowd with its attractive design and bright colors. The Divide and Conquer style grills rack design that allows you to position the food for searing or just several inches away for gentle heat was very popular with users.

The Kamado Joe Classic is an excellent appliance for multiple cooking applications. It comes with a multi-level half-moon layout that allows users to cook different foods in their way at different temperatures. Because of this, there is no need to remove any heat deflectors; move the racks closer or further away from the heat.

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This unit was designed to take grilling to the next level. It has a ceramic body, which means it’ll hold on to the heat very well. And the interior firebox that contains the burning coals is also created with ceramic, so it retains heat for a long time.

In addition, the Kontrol Tower Top vent keep a steady air setting for specific airflow management when opening and closing the dome. This vent lets you adjust the top and bottom vents and controls how much air flows in through the dome, so you can manage how hot the grill gets.

The vents work together to help heat or cool the internal atmosphere. The bottom vent is for significant temperature changes, while the top vent is for more minor temperature adjustments.

Furthermore, the best thing about this Kamado Joe grill is that it uses much less charcoal than conventional grills. The heavy ceramic grills retain heat and maintain the necessary temperature for grilling.

For instance, when cooking ribs at 250 degrees Celsius, you can have them ready in four hours without adding much charcoal. You might even have enough fuel left over to give the meat a good char.

Grilling and BBQing with the top vents fully open are best when using the grill for high temperature grilling or high heat applications such as caramelizing and browning the surface of meats and vegetables.

It’s possible to cook on a grill in many different ways. You can grill pizzas and get a Margherita on top. Because of the divide and conquer mechanism, it’s ideal for cooking steaks. If you want to cook the steaks in indirect heat, you can sear them on the hot side of the grill and then move them to the side with the heat deflector to finish cooking. Through this, you will have steaks that are tender and delicious.

To cook multiple things at the same time is possible with the Kamado Joe Classic II grill. As it has a large cooking area, you can grill several things at once without taking up a lot of space in your kitchen. However, if you only want to cook for one to two people at a time, then this appliance works best for you.

Kamado Joe is an easy and hassle-free way to cook. Similarly, the powder-coated vents are mold and rain-proof, so you can use them in extreme temperatures without affecting the cooking process.

Customers love Kamado Joe fireboxes for their advanced firebox design. A 6-piece firebox design makes it harder for the charcoal to break off when grilling, while an increase in overall efficiency helps keep food from burning.

Includes Essential Accessories

You can find everything you need to start smoking meat or grilling in the Kamado Joe. It also includes the shelves, metal cart, cooking grate, and ceramic heat diverter, which moderates the heat and creates indirect heat zones. There’s also an accessory rack and a grabber tool to help you move the cooking grates around.

Other optional kamado joe accessories you can buy include a perforated steel pan for grilling small, delicate things like vegetables and a cast iron grill grate for getting excellent grill marks.

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Key Features of Kamado Joe Classic II

Divide & Conquer Grill System

On its 18″ diameter grill, people can cook a pretty large meal on it. It is the most versatile grill in the current pricing range; you can prepare meals for yourself, your family, and even your friends. Manufacturers have designed the Kamado Joe grills to allow you to cook different kinds of food, from large to small meals.

The grill is ingenious. You can set it up in various ways and use heat deflectors to simultaneously create distinct temperature zones and direct and indirect grilling areas. It’s something that people think a traditional-shaped barbecue contains.

Control Tower Top Vent

While allowing smoke to escape the chamber is an essential part of the Kamado, the top vent plays a vital role in helping you maintain your desired temperature. When cooking at low temp, it’s crucial to regulate the temperature inside by controlling airflow. Finding the same spot again the next time helps you dial into the correct temperatures, and indicator markers help you set your opening with precision. The vent is designed to prevent rain or snow from entering the chamber, and it is well-constructed to keep food off your grate.

Air Lift Hinge

One of the most impressive things about the 18-inch Classic II is its lid. The lid is quite heavy and will be a real chore to open and close. Fortunately, the Air Lift Hinge takes most of the effort out of the opening and closing the lid.

By using two fingers, you can easily open it. You don’t have to worry about cracked lids now that the sturdy design is in place.

Sliding Ash Collector for Easy Cleaning

After completing cooking sessions, the next challenging job is to clean your appliance. Similarly, cleaning out ash is a dirty job, and a charcoal or wood-fired grill requires constant attention to clean out the ash from time to time. The Classic II has an ash collection area at the bottom of the unit, allowing users to spend less time cleaning and more time cooking.

All you need to do is slide out the ash drawer and remove the contents. Some ash will inevitably fall, so you’re also provided with an ash cleaner for those places where the ash is tough to reach.

Side Shelves

Side tables or shelves increase storage space. Classic II has enough room for a plate to receive cooked food or for rubs, seasonings, and sauces to wait their turn. It is also nice and helpful to place some other necessary kitchen accessories.

Ease of Use

It takes a lot of practice and experience to be versatile with a Kamado. Still, if you are used to conventional grilling, you will necessarily require learning how to operate Kamado grills before you get comfortable. But it’s not the same with the Kamado Joe Classic II grill.

Of course, if you love grilling with charcoal, you’ll quickly learn to use this appliance. Whereas one is a gas grill lover and has to switch to the Kamado Joe II grill, it will be difficult for them to use it.

At first, there are some frustrations as you learn to control the temperature for long roasts and smokes. Once you have it down, though, you’ll enjoy it.

In addition, so many options are available that you can add to your automatic grill to ensure even cooking around your grill. Moreover, with an automatic temperature controller, you don’t need to worry about the smoker tipping over or burning food while you’re away.

Latching Lid

When it comes to lids, it’s essential to have a tight fit for low and slow smoking. No one wants to lose smoke or heat by forgetting to close the lid. One needs to double-check that the lid is secured correctly before starting. But with the Kamado Joe Classic II rust resistance latch, there’s no guesswork whether or not it’s closed.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The cleaning process of Kamado Joe is pretty easy. Above, we have already discussed how easy it is to clean the removable ash drawer.

Kamado’s self-cleaning ability is similar to that of most traditional ovens. Manufacturers recommend heating it to 600F for 15 minutes. Then you need to wait for the Kamado to cool down completely and close air vents. With the help of a non-abrasive brush, you can rub the grates and ceramic and simply clean the appliance.

It is possible to keep your appliance protected from rain, harsh weather, and other issues by investing in a cover.


Kamado parts are warrantied to be free of defects in workmanship and material for a lifetime. For five years, metal and cast iron parts have been warrantied. There is a one-year warranty on the thermometer and gaskets.

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  • AMP firebox features protect the firebox from breakage or cracking.
  • It’s perfect for large families, ideal for home entertaining, and even lets you customize cooking.
  • The gasket has a secure fit.
  • Effortless to control or adjust the temperature.
  • It is a versatile Kamado for smoking, sear, and char food.
  • The lightweight dome is relatively easy to lift.
  • It includes numerous workable accessories.
  • Expensive

Why Should You Buy?

This grill is worth the money because it’s so reliable. Its solid construction means you won’t have to worry about the grill falling apart. In addition, the warranty makes sure that if there is a problem, it can be fixed or replaced.

You can use the Kamado Joe to grill with less firewood, save money, and preserve charcoal in the long run. It is easy and fast to grill with the half-moon rack and “divide and conquer” system.

Things You Must Know Before Investing In the Kamado Joe


The Kamado Joe II 18 inch grill in diameter means one can effortlessly cook food for crows and make numerous burgers, steaks, and others ideally. Additionally, the Kamado Joe Classic II consists of enough room for cooking a whole chicken and large fish. So, people with big families do not need to worry about such large appliances.

However, if you are looking for smaller options, then pay attention to Joe Jr. It is a top grill for small spaces and offers a lot more power than the other similar models. The Joe Jr provides an incredible amount of space for grilling, and it is perfect if you need a grill for smoking or searing small meat pieces.


Kamado grills are made with different materials, including polyester construction, ceramic, cast iron, etc. Among all materials, ceramic is the best material for kamado grills. It is because of its excellent heat retention, sturdiness and uses up less charcoal.

One of the best features of ceramic grills is that they won’t rust and can withstand cold and hot temperatures. Also, they are durable and heavy.


A grill that’s built to last and that will hold up to the rigors of the outdoors is Kamado Joe II. It’s not an extreme budget grill, but it’s not overpriced either. The Kamado Joe II is a very capable grill and if you can afford it, buy it!

You will not need any other grill in your kitchen for many years. Also, its high-quality performance more than makes up for the price.

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How to Set Up the Kamado Joe Grill

You’ll love this grill if you want the versatility of the kamado-style grills but without all of the maintenance. It is easy to set up and use, and you’ll find it a great addition to your outdoor kitchen.

Assembling the Grill and Cart

  • Firstly, take out the internal components from inside the grill.
  • Carefully lift the grill out of its package and set it aside. Because of its heavy weight, it gets difficult for ladies and older people to lift the appliance.
  • If this grill is pretty heavy, it is best to have two people lift it. Lift the grill upward from the hinge at the back, not from the side shelves.
  • Next, take off the plastic wrap from the grill cart base.
  • After this, lock the casters at the bottom of the grill cart. 
  • It is now required to assemble the kamado joe classic II stand using stainless steel screws that come with the package. The screws must be available at the bottom section of the cart; you can get them accordingly.
  • Again, it would be best to lift the grill facing the front of the cart (this side of the cart has two locking casters).

Internal Assembly

  1. Open the domed lid and place the Ash Drawer in the bottom of the grill so the handle aligns with the bottom air vents opening.
  2.  Position the firebox over the Slide-Out Ash Drawer; then, you need to align the base’s opening with the ash drawer handle.
  3.  It is then required to set the Cast Iron Fire Grate on top of the base. Also, remember that the ribbed side of the fire grate must face downward.
  4. Place each piece of the FireBox Walls on top of the FireBox Base. Make sure each piece is leaning up against the inside of the base of the grill.
  5.  Use the holes to slip the pieces of FireBox through the outer ring of the Stainless-Steel Ring and tighten the screw. The FireBox pieces will be held together by the screw after it is tightened.
  6.  You should place the Divide and Conquer system on the top of the stainless steel ring. Make sure that the rack properly fits into the indentations of the ring.

DoJoe Classic Joe

Kamado Joe KJ-DJ DoJoe Classic Joe, Black

 in stock
9 new from $253.18
as of March 24, 2023 4:02 pm

You can effortlessly make pizza in your Kamado Joe Classic II grill by installing DōJoe in it. The DōJoe is one of the latest items Kamado Joe has added to their line-up of extras. You can create a slot for sliding pizzas into without worrying about having pizza sticking out over the edge.

This multifunctional countertop oven can ideally hold heat deflectors and a pizza stone at the perfect height. Also, it creates the optimal temperature required to make pizza toppings crispy and cook the crust.

Indeed, the DōJoe doesn’t require you to open and close the oven to add and remove pizzas. With the DōJoe, you can slide the pizzas in and out so they cook faster and better. Hence, by pairing your Kamado Joe Classic II with this product, you can make pizzas in less time and effort.


JoeTisserie Classic Joe

Kamado Joe KJ-TISSERIENA JoeTisserie Classic Joe, One Size, Black

 in stock
12 new from $249.35
Free shipping
as of March 24, 2023 4:02 pm

The Kamado Joe Spit is a marvelous invention that turns the Kamado Joe II into a spit. It’s shaped to fit the Classic II perfectly, so it still seals while it turns the meat constantly for that naturally basted, roasted to perfection results.

The JoeTisserie was designed for ease of use and convenience. It’s made from cast aluminum, so it’s durable and easy to clean. Additionally, it consists of adjustable forks for cooking anything from chicken to prime rib.


iKamand Classic Joe

Kamado Joe KJ-IKAMANDNA iKamand Smart Temperature Control and Monitoring Device for Classic Joe Grills, Black

 in stock
4 new from $204.42
Free shipping
as of March 24, 2023 4:02 pm

The iKamand is a nifty little device that works with all Kamado Joe ranges. It transforms the old-style grills into a set and forgets barbecue. This small, simple box works with the Joe Classic II and connects up through the bottom vent of the cooker. Connects the pit and meat probes, then you can control your grill from the mobile app.

If you’re a beginner or even an experienced smoker, there’s nothing more convenient than the iKamand device. Grill your meat remotely and efficiently. Set the desired temperature, and the fan will maintain heat, and similarly, the device will tell you exactly when your meat is ready. Simply select your meat type and size, then relax and let the grill do the rest.

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Kamado Joe Classic III Vs Classic II

Today, Kamado Joe II is the most famous and efficient grill among users. It is among very few appliances that set new high standards for innovation and craftsmanship. Furthermore, the Classic II consists of a thick-walled, heat-resistant shell perfectly locks in smoke and humidity. In addition, it’s the perfect size for those who want a Kamado grill for extensive back garden grilling or BBQ parties. Also, it’s best for those who only want to cook limited items and have to feed one to two persons.

Whereas Kamado Joe KJ15040921 Classic III offers the revolutionary Slo-Roller Hyperbolic smoke chamber. This feature of kamado joe classic 3 helps harness the power of cyclonic airflow technology and ideally controls the smoke and heat. At the same time, SlōRoller inserts are designed to transform the texture and taste of the food on low-and-slow smokers up to 500°F. These replace heat deflector plates when grilling or searing at higher temperatures. Similarly, kamado joe iii is an essential tool for anyone who enjoys searing or grilling at high temperatures.

The Best Alternatives of Kamado Joe Classic II

Despite its popularity, not everyone would find this grill suitable. If you’re looking for other suggestions to consider, here we have mentioned a few alternatives for you; check out.


Kamado KJ13RH Joe Jr

Kamado Joe KJ13RH Joe Jr. Charcoal Grill, 13.5 inch, Blaze Red

 in stock
3 new from $349.97
Free shipping
as of March 24, 2023 4:02 pm

If you are looking for a small grill, then Kamado Jr is ideal for you. It consists of 13.5 inches in diameter and 68 pounds weight. Also, the appliance feature set and forget system doesn’t demand you to monitor the food all the time.


Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill

Camp Chef SmokePro XT Wood Pellet Grill Smoker, Bronze (PG24XTB)

 in stock
12 new from $491.08
as of March 24, 2023 4:02 pm

Maybe you are more comfortable with pellet grill than Kamado grill and don’t have enough time for learning the Kamados. Then a pellet grill like Camp Chef SmokePro DLX may scratch your itch.

The SmokePro DLX is a perfect tool and saves users a lot of time and effort. It automatically feeds required wood pellets into the firebox to reach. Additionally, it perfectly holds the temperature users set on the electronic control. Further, it’s pretty easy to use and gives excellent results. However, the only obstacle is its lower maximum temperature, which can’t be sear than a traditional kamado grill.


Kamado Joe Big Joe KJ15041021

Kamado Joe KJ15041021 Big Joe III 24 inch Charcoal Grill, Blaze Red

 in stock
4 new from $2,239.10
Free shipping
as of March 24, 2023 4:02 pm

If the biggest issue with the Classic II is the size, you have plenty of options. The Kamado Joe Big Joe is a good place to check out if you want a larger kamado. It is similar to the Classic II in that it has a 24” grill and is expandable and divisible.

Is a Kamado Good for Smoking?

Ceramic grills have been around for over 3000 years. They usually feature a ceramic or clay outer shell that heats up and retains heat very well. This allows you to smoke a vast amount of meat to a consistent temperature. However, not all ceramic grills are made equal and are ideal for smoking. Some are good at retaining heat, while others let your food dry out too quickly. So, buy one wisely.

How Long Can the Kamado Joe Classic II Smoke with a Single Load of Charcoal?

When cooking in Kamado Joe Classic II in average weather conditions, the appliance offers 18 hours of smoke time without refueling.

How Much Food Can You Cook In Joe Classic II?

This is the best size Kamado for most people because it offers enough space for cooking for 2-15 people. The multiple cooking surfaces available mean you can bake, roast, sear, smoke, and steam all at once.

Is It Essential To Cover Kamado Joe?

Yes, investing in a grill cover is a good way to protect your Kamado from the cold weather, rain, and dust.

How Hard Is It to Add More Fuel While Cooking?

Initially, the process is complicated, primarily if your tool is consisting heat deflectors. Similarly, one can add more fuel and lift the grill by wearing heatproof gloves to play safely. Therefore, it’s only a big deal when you are a newbie. But, once you learn how to use your grill well and how much charcoal is needed, it’s become so efficient that you won’t have to add more charcoal/fuel to your grill during cooking.

How Long Does it Take to Light a Kamado?

Leave your firewood for about 10 minutes after lighting it. If you use an electric lighter, you can heat the charcoal in two places for about 5 minutes. When the coals turn grey and there’s little smoke coming off, you can see that the charcoal is lit.

What Makes Kamado Joe Grills Special?

The following main features of these grills make them great.

  • Wonderful Heat Retention
  • Robust Construction
  • High Performance
  • Versatility
  • Effortless heat temperature control options

Why Are Kamado Joe Grills So Expensive?

Kamado grills are costly because of their high-quality construction with thick, heat-resistant ceramic. The best ceramic construction allows the grill to reach heat temperatures of up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit and insulate that heat, so the food cooks much faster.

Which is Better, Kamado Joe or Big Green Egg?

The Big Green Egg grill is worth it for the best Kamado grills. Still, the Kamado Joe Classic II is the most economical product because it comes with all the accessories needed to make your grilling experience even better. Therefore, both grills are of high quality, but the Kamado Joe has a few extra features that the popular Big Green Egg Grill does not have.

Wrapping Up the Classic II Kamado Joe Review

Every time we look at the Kamado Joe review, we are impressed. Moreover, it is a versatile product that brings the ultimate ease to users’ lives. In addition, anyone passionate about barbecuing will surely get a fantastic experience y using these efficient appliances.

Don’t forget to leave your comments, thoughts, remarks, complaints, suggestions, ideas, etc. The comment section is below.

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