Best Smoker Grill Combo | Buying Guide 2021

smoker grill combo

We’ve covered many great grills and great smokers. But what about a grill that does both? We’ve compiled a list of the top smoker-grill combos for those who don’t want to have a separate grill and smoker. You can turn almost any grill into an outdoor smoker by adding enough modifications, but we have focused on units that can do both well and require little fiddling.

Are you in a hurry? The Kamado Joe Classic II, we believe, is the best choice for those who want to smoke and grill. The Weber Grill Gen 2 can be used for both grilling and smoking. The best smoker-grill combination can be like smoking meat, and it requires a lot of preparation. You need to be aware of everything you do. How much time and effort you put into it will affect the quality of the result. This guide will help you find the perfect BBQ grill smoker combination.

Best Smoker Grills | Types and Buying Factors For Enthusiasts

Differnt Types Of Smoker Grill Combo

1. Kamado Joe Class Ceramic Charcoal Grill

Kamado Joe KJ15040921 Classic III 18 inch Charcoal Grill, Blaze Red

as of April 4, 2024 12:00 am

We believe that Kamado ceramic grills have the best versatility. These are great for grilling or smoking. However, you might need to buy a heat deflector accessory if you want to smoke. Kamado grills, which are powered by charcoal, are exceptionally well insulated. They have the advantage to keep steady temperatures for hours without the need to be supervised.

There are a variety of sizes available. You can choose from various sizes, with the 18″ being the most popular. However, you can also opt for the Big Joe for extra grilling space. The 18″ model has 406 square inches of grilling space used to smoke temperatures up to 225°F. However, we can sear at 750°F. Kamado Joe’s innovative cooking method, the divide and conquer system, allows you to grill different foods at different heights.

  • Easy To Use
  • The Kamado Joe is a versatile grill-smoker combo. 
  • It’s super easy to grill multiple types of food simultaneously with the two-tier grill rack system. 
  • The heat deflector makes it easy to smoke slow and low all day without fuss.
  • Low-fuss charcoal 
  • Many people avoid charcoal because it is too difficult to clean up and maintain. Although it requires more work, the Kamado Joe’s insulation is so good that it doesn’t need to be adjusted much to maintain a low temperature for smoking.
  • The clean ash system makes it easy to clean up.
  • Expensive
  • The quality of the construction is worth it. If you are cooking for large groups, you will need to choose the significantly more expensive option.

2. Electric Pellet Grill

Weber 55020001 Q 2400 Electric Grill , grey

as of April 4, 2024 12:00 am

Wood pellet grills can be an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t care about traditional cooking and wants the latest technology like WiFi connectivity. They are often kwown as pellet grills, but they don’t grill well at high temperatures. Weber’s first entry in the pellet grill market, SmokeFire, has solved this problem. You can choose from 672 or 1008 square feet of cooking space.

Weber has fixed most of the issues with the Gen 2 model, even though the original release was not without its problems. While most pellet grills can only heat up to 600°F, Weber’s maximum temperature is 600°F. Weber also incorporates its trademark stainless steel flavorizer bars, which help to direct heat from the firepot onto the grill, for better searing.  Watch the video below for our detailed review.

Best Pellet Smoker Grill for the Money
  • Weber has changed the pellet grill design by moving the 22-pound-weight hopper to the rear. They can now use a shorter inclined auger that should result in fewer pellet jams.
  • Smoke & Grill – Many pellet grills have trouble searing correctly. SmokeFire’s open design makes it a great combination grill/smoker.
  • Get an alarm on your phone when your pellets run low. There is nothing worse than running out of pellets during a cooking session.
  • Grease Catchment System Weber attempted to modify the design of the standard pellet grill, but it didn’t work as well. We can easily fix this by placing aluminum catchpans underneath the grates.
  • Little storage areas – You only get one shelf for food prep or storage gear unless you buy the side or front shelf add-ons.

3. Weber original Kettle Premium 22” charcoal Grill

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black

as of April 4, 2024 12:00 am

The Weber Kettle is a classic grill. This classic grill was first created in 1952. It is now used in millions of backyards all over the globe. You might not be aware that a weber kettle can be transformed into a great smoker by simply changing how you place the charcoal.

The Weber Kettle is capable of holding its own with some clever tricks. There are many sizes available for the Kettle. You can choose to size up or down depending upon how much food and what you intend to cook. It is not advisable to go too small, as it can make it more difficult to use the Kettle as a smoker. This is especially true when compared to similar-priced electric or gas smokers.

  • Sturdy construction– Steel sheets are pressed and coated with porcelain enamel to make the Kettle’s body. This guarantees a durable product that won’t rust. However, if you leave your Kettle outside, make sure to get a grill cover.
  • A well-sealed, air-tight allows for outstanding heat control. This will allow you to keep your temperature stable while using less fuel.
  • Portable and lightweight– This grill is easy to take with you when you go camping.
  • Small Capacity

4. Wood Pellet Smoker Grill Combo

Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, Black

as of April 4, 2024 12:00 am

This combo grill-smoker is a fantastic piece of equipment, and it does everything you could want and more – all very easily. The Traeger Pro575 is a well-made combo that looks fantastic. This appliance looks and feels like an old-fashioned smoker, but it is much more modern and straightforward to use.

These castors are incredibly sturdy and can be used to move the unit around. You can cook six different recipes on the smoker once you have it set up. You can also use the large 646 square inch cooking area – perfect if you are hungry.

Charcoal vs Wood Pellet Grill; It's Your Choice!

This grill has exceptional controls and enough automation to ensure a flawless finish. Your setting will be automatically monitored so that the grill temperature stays within a range of plus or minus 20 degrees. You have total peace of mind. A large hopper and an auto-feed auger combine to create a system continuously feeding the flames to perfection. You need to make sure that the hopper is complete to achieve great results.

This unit is a versatile smoker that can be used for many purposes. The porcelain grates are of exceptional quality and are very easy to clean. They will also last for a long time. 


Type: barrel grill and smoker
Power source: wood pellets
Temperature range: 160–500°F
Cooking area: 575 sq. in
Dimensions: 41 x 53 x 27 in
Warranty: 3-year limited

  • Great controls
  • Auto-feed pellets
  • Porcelain grates
  • Very portable
  • Some users find it hard to switch pellets

5.  Gravity-Fed Smokers

Masterbuilt MB20041220 Gravity Series 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker, 202.9 lbs, Black

as of April 4, 2024 12:00 am

Masterbuilt’s gravity series charcoal grill smoker combo looks a lot like a pellet grill, but it runs on charcoal! The grill combines a charcoal hopper and intelligent technology. You can set the temperature, place a starter firelighter cube, close a gate, and then watch it heat up automatically.

 As coals become ash and burn, they are ejected from the hopper and deposited into an ash drawer. Gravity causes new coals to fall and ignite, keeping fires burning. The fan controls the airflow to the coals and regulates the temperature. You can set the temperature using the digital controller. It allows you to adjust the temperatures from 225 F to low for slow smoking or to grill to 700 F for searing and grilling.

WiFi connectivity lets you control the grill from any app on your smartphone. You can monitor temperatures and change settings remotely from wherever you are. You can spend time with your guests rather than working at the grill, and you don’t need to buy an extra 3 rd party smoking thermometer.

How To Use A Charcoal Smoker Grill?

It measures 24.65×54.13×51.97 inches and weighs in at 147 lbs. Moreover, it is not solid, but it is well-built and should last for many years. Howerver,it comes with two fixed wheels and two locking rotating castors that can be locked and moved around. The hopper can hold up to 10 lbs of lump charcoal or 16 lbs briquettes. This is enough for 12-16 hours of smoking without refilling. However, it will be much smaller for high heat grilling. After cooking, you can clean up by removing the ash drawer and using the greased pan to catch drips.

  • Indeed dual-purpose grilling and smoking (225 F to 700 F) all from one unit.
  • Authentic Charcoal Flavor
  • It is effortless to use.
  • Clean-up is easy with grease and ash removal made simple by removable pans that are easy to remove and dump.
  • Remote control via smartphone is a great addition.
  • Excellent price and value.
  • Due to heat loss from thin sheet metal parts, fuel efficiency is not as good as possible. This means that the ongoing cost of running your vehicle is more expensive than other options.
  • The 1-year warranty is a little short compared to others.

6. Charcoal Grills

Oklahoma Joe's 19402088 Rambler Portable Charcoal Grill, Black

as of April 4, 2024 12:00 am

Although I don’t know if Oklahoma Joe is actually from Oklahoma, if you go to Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker, tell him that he forgot a few details!

Although I joke, this grill-smoker combination requires some modification right out of the box. This thing will likely outperform appliances that cost twice or more, so it is worth the effort.

This unit doesn’t have any fancy features. It relies on the careful monitoring of its charcoal basket to reach even temperatures and great results. This will suit fiddlers and core enthusiasts who are more serious. You will need to modify the unit to get better thermostats and seal any gaps to make the thing smoke tight. Once you do that, this thing will perform great.

This combo is stunning in looks and harkens back to the days when offset smokers were still around. You get an incredible 900 square inch cooking area, and it wouldn’t look out of place in a historical setting. The Oklahoma Joe can be moved around so that you can use it as a straight-through smoker. This will suit many people.

This unit is great for traditionalists. Although you may need to modify it, it won’t be too expensive. Once you get the hang of it, it’s great.

  • Type: barrel grill and smoker
  • Power source: charcoal
  • Temperature range: not specified
  • Cooking area: 900 in
  • Dimensions: 33.5 x 53 x 57 in
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • Simple and effective
  • Nice traditional looks
  • Sturdy and heavy
  • Some DIY required

7. Hybrid Combo Grill and Smoker

Char-Griller E3001 Grillin' Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill, Black

as of April 4, 2024 12:00 am

Char-Griller 5030, a hybrid unit, features infra-red and gas operations in one grill-smoker combination. This combination is not for traditionalists. It will also be challenging to assemble. Be aware that you could experience mental and physical trauma while slaving over it assembling.

It is also cumbersome equipment, so it is not something you can assemble by yourself. You will need help getting everything out of the box and putting it together before you can even think about cooking.

Cast iron grates are weighty duty and have a porcelain coating that makes them easy to clean. You will need to decide if you are willing to spend the time to learn all the controls and options. You’ll be able to get a product that works well for you if you do. This is a great gadget for those who love gadgets, but it’s not one you should be using if your only passion is fire and smoking.

  • Type: combo grill and smoker
  • Power source: infrared, charcoal, gas
  • Temperature range: 100–800°F
  • Cooking area: 1,100 in
  • Dimensions: 82 x 23 x 53.5 in
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Lots of grilling and fuel options
  • Large cooking space
  • Good grates
  • It might be too complicated for some

8. Electric and Pellets

Country Smokers CS1374 Pellet Grill, Black

as of April 4, 2024 12:00 am

 The Country Smokers CSPEL015010497 pellet smoker grill is a hybrid electric model. This portable grill is designed to give you the best results whenever you go outside your home. Its compact size makes it easy to transport anywhere. The peaked lid allows for even cooking and heat retention for different meals. This product also comes with a digital controller that allows you to monitor and control its operation. 

The construction includes a thermal sensor to monitor the temperature of the grill. The product can operate at temperatures between 180 and 500 degrees F.

This pellet grill will allow you to create delicious, well-smoked dishes quickly. It produces moist, healthy food and requires minimal user intervention. The pellet grill also uses wood pellets to give it a natural smokey taste, and Grill Smoker’s cooking surface is 256″ x 191.4″. It is made from heavy-duty steel, which ensures reliability and long-lasting durability. The grates of coated iron provide high holding power. It is resistant to corrosion and rust. It also ignites automatically, which is something we like.

  • Type: hybrid
  • Power source: electricity, pellets
  • Temperature range: 180 – 500 °F
  • Cooking area: 256 in – 191.4 in the main surface, 64.6 in the removable upper rack
  • Dimensions: 4 x 13.6 x 17.5 in
  • Warranty: 3-year
  • Ideal outdoor grill
  • Portable and lightweight
  • The digitally controlled combustion system
  • 8-in-1 cooking system
  • Easy to use and clean
  • It might be too small for some users

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9. Gas Grill Smoker Combo

Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill, Black

as of April 4, 2024 12:00 am

The Genesis ll E-310 grill is what its name suggests. The Genesis is a grill and represents the best value in this price range. The E-310 is a great dedicated grill with 507 square feet of cooking space and three burners to produce 38,000 BTUs.

The three burners and the excellent thermal insulation allow you to use the grill for low and high-heat cooking. This large grill is relatively easy to assemble and should take about 30-45 minutes for most people. We’ll get into it more later.

  • Excellent build quality The Genesis ll’s efficient design helps to retain the heat it produces. Weber has put a lot of thought into every aspect of the grill’s design and construction.
  • Even heat distribution Unlike other cheap grills requiring you to watch them, the Genesisll evenly distributes heat, preventing flare-ups and hot spots.
  • A generous warranty – Although you don’t have to use it due to the build quality, you still get peace of mind with a 10-year warranty.
  • No cabinet door – This shouldn’t be a problem for most people, but it can be frustrating if critters are on your property.

10. Pit Combo Grill and Smoker

PIT BOSS PB1230SP Wood Pellet and Gas Combo Grill, Black

as of April 4, 2024 12:00 am

Sometimes, you need the versatility of a smoker and grill combination while on the go. 

It would be wonderful to smoke brisket outdoors while on the move. Combination barrel-style grill and smoker combos offer all the same features as at home with all the bonuses of all accessories.

This barrel will be ready for use within minutes of being taken out of the box. It measures 21x21x31.1 inches and weighs in at 57 pounds. This barrel is easily manageable by most people. It’s easy to assemble. Unpack everything, and you’re good to go. Eight hanging hooks, a standard grill grate, a charcoal basket, and two heavy-duty steel rods are all included in the box.

The Pit Barrel smoker is made from durable steel and upgraded to 18 gauge. It has a porcelain enamel layer. This makes it more resilient to adverse weather conditions. The barrel-style cooker is easy to use and has a large capacity. Hanging hooks are also available. You can smoke more significant cuts of meat and whole birds by hanging them. This will result in crispy skin.

How To Use A Smoker Grill? | Top 7 Smoker Grills

The Pit Barrel uses charcoal for fuel. This can be messier than propane and require more cleanup.

Hooks are easier to clean than traditional grates for other smoker grill combinations. They also make it easy to use. Simply season the meat and hang it from a rod or hook. Close the lid and let the meat rest until it is cooked. You can easily pack it up for camping or tailgating with little effort. You can take the ashes home by simply tipping the barrel over the ashes as they cool.

  • Large capacity
  • This is a great way to smoke meats with an easy set-up.
  • There are four airflow exit holes to regulate temperature and smoke.
  • The barrel’s design retains moisture naturally without the need to use a water pan.
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Temperature restriction.
  • For longer fires, you need to have a steady supply of charcoal.
  • Burgers and steaks can be grilled too far from the grate.

Major Factors To Considder Before Buying Combo Grills

Size of Smoker Grill Combo

Smoker grills also vary in size, much like every other appliance out there. Before buying one, you should consider which size will best serve your need. The size of the apparatus is significant when deciding, mainly if you have limited space to set it up.Some combo grill smokers can be quite large! Some models can have up to three cooking chambers and a couple of side tables, reaching 7 feet in width.

Some types, such as the kamado and drum smoker, can be as small as 22 inches. Also, consider the space available for your cooker. This includes clearance from your home and any fences, trees, or shrubs that might be used to fire safety.

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Smokers Grill Combo Materials

Different kinds of materials will also depend on the longevity of your appliance. Smoker grills are consist of various materials such as stainless steel, powder-coated steel, and ceramic.

  • Stainless steel is a high durability material that is usually the best option available in the market for the exterior of a grill. Stainless steel is highly durable against water, UV radiation, and impact damage. Additionally, it is lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Powder-coated steel is also quite as durable as stainless steel. The coating is even more resistant to water damage such as corrosion and rusting. If your grill contains natural elements a lot, this material will be a good choice
  • Ceramic if you live in high humidity, rain prone area ceramics are the best option possible as ceramics cannot rust, literally. Ceramics also take more time to heat up, making them ideal for slow-cook meals. However, ceramic is a fragile material and can break or chip easily. If you are thinking about investing in these, make sure they are handled with care.

Heavy-duty stainless steel is the best choice for the grill’s exterior, but it will eventually rust. If you intend to leave it outside, a cover is a must. Ceramics and powder-coated paints are resistant to rust but can crack and become fragile.

The steel’s thickness will provide insulation to keep heat out. The metal of 10-12 gauge is strong and will not rust for many years. All chambers and lids should be equipped with solid gasket seals to stop heat and smoke from escaping.

It is equally important to have legs for your smoker/grills. To ensure that your smoker/grill doesn’t tip while cooking, you need a solid base. It will be easier to move the unit around your backyard or patio with large, sturdy wheels. Make sure the wheels are strong enough to transport the unit when it is still hot.

Temperature Range and Control

To allow you to sear your steaks and slow cook your brisket, you will need a product that has an extensive temperature range.

You need to heat the grill to 500 F. 600 F+ is better. These higher temperatures may not be possible with smaller or less powerful smoker grill combos.

Slower cookouts, such as a 16-hour pulled meat, will need to be cooked at a temperature of 225 to 250 F. Too low, and the meat will become dry and tough. Too high will cause the meat to dry out. Cooking too low will result in a longer cooking time.

The most challenging way to control temperature is with charcoal or wood-burning combinations. You may need to adjust charcoal shelves, open and close multiple vents, or use chimney stack control to maintain the proper heat. Gas, on the other hand, is simple to adjust the burners by turning a dial. This allows you to change the temperature instantly.

A wood pellet-burning smoker grill combination is the best choice for the best temperature control and flavor. The best way to enjoy meat over wood is according to purists. It’s also healthier. Temperature control can be as easy as programming a temperature into a digital controller.

Smokers have temperature ranges from 100 degrees to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, grills exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit since a smoker grill combo needs to work as it will have a higher range of temperatures t be able to achieve both.

Bells/ Alarms

Bells/ Alarms are a significant feature to consider if you will cook alone and get easily sidetracked. A bell will notify you and avoid any mishaps from happening.

Temperature Gauges

Temperature gauges are also an excellent and handy feature to have. They can sometimes be digital displays with temperature controls or simply analog dials. These are also considered a necessity for maintaining constant heat while smoking meat for several hours.

Meat Probe Thermometers

As you might have seen on cooking shows, meat probe thermometers are thermometers that can help you measure the temperature of steaks, roasts, or other meats from the inside. These will help you to achieve your desired perfect cook.

Wireless Connectivity 

As unnecessary as this might sound for a smoker grill, wireless connectivity is also an important feature. It can allow you to connect your grill to a remote controlling device which can be used from different places to control your grill if you are a multitasker.

Once you are done with the research part, it’s time for the exciting bit to look at all the options available in the market. Listed down below are 10 of the best options available out in the market.

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Easy to Use

It is important to remember that the more controls and gadgets you have on your grill-smoker combination, the more difficult it will be to use and master. This is a delicate balance because having more sensors and controls will give you a better experience. Sometimes, though, it can also make your day easier and less hands-on. 

You should pay attention to the controls and only make them as complex as you are comfortable with. Don’t purchase a complicated unit if you’re a perfectionist about the basics and want to keep it natural and straightforward. You’ll have more fun if you set your expectations. For example, the best gas grill smoker combination with temperature controls will be more expensive.

Dimensions and weight

Remember that your new grill-smoker combination will need to fit into the space available. You will need it to fit within the space you have. If you have a small backyard or an outdoor space to place it, don’t purchase something too large.

A smoker’s weight is usually a good thing. It means that the steel used to build it is heavier and can be used for outstanding cooking results. If your combination is heavy, you should make sure it can be moved easily. You should consider whether you will store the appliance in a garage or other outbuilding, either for the best weather protection or just to keep it warm. If you do, the appliance must be mounted on sturdy wheels that can handle the weight of a heavy grill-combo. This is something you should consider when choosing a suitable unit.


You have more options to cook and smoke meats if you have more grates. It’s impossible to go wrong with more grates. You should also consider the materials and construction of grates. Are they too flexible or flimsy? They won’t last long in harsh environments, and that is not good. Are the grates made of chrome or stainless steel?

The chrome on grates will eventually wear out, and rust and they will become unusable. Chrome is inferior to stainless steel and will eventually wear out, so make sure you choose wisely.

What Is a Smoker Grill Combo?

If you are interested in building your smoker, a combo is a perfect way to do it. The smoker grill combo has everything you need to build a quality cooker. With that said, not all smoker combos will produce consistent results. To be on the safe side, we selected these top combo options to ensure you will get what you’re looking for.

What Is The Best Smoker Grill On The Market?

From BBQ Central: The Char-Griller Smokepro is a top-of-the-line electric smoker that is the only smoker in its class to have an integrated temperature probe and thermostat. This makes it easier to control your temperature while adding flavor to your meats. It comes with extensive, deep-rooted, cast-iron cooking grates for the ultimate in even heat distribution and long-lasting performance.

We’ve Reviewed Lots Of Great Grills And Lots Of Great Smokers, But What About A Grill That Can Do Both?

If having a separate smoker and grill isn’t an option for you, we’ve picked the Answer: It may sound counterintuitive, but a stovetop grill works perfectly for smoking foods too. You can even cook two different types of food at once: barbecue meat and vegetables. Just ensure you don’t set the grate too low and block the vent. The higher you go, the hotter the flames will be, so keep this in mind when deciding your final cooking.

Are They Flimsy And Too Bendy?

We’ve found three models with an aluminum-body grill and a porcelain-enamel-coated cast-iron body, and all three are excellent. The Traeger Timberline XL and Camp Chef SmokePro have a larger cooking area than the Camp Chef SmokePro Lite; in fact, it’s more like two Traeger grills, giving it about twice as much room to smoke and cook food. All three grills are designed to be portable, so you can easily use them inside or outside, and their grates are interchangeable, too.

Do Smoked Foods Cooked In A Grill-Smoker Combo Taste The Same As Those Cooked In A Smoker?

A grilled meal is always delicious, no matter where you cook it, but the flavor is enhanced when it is cooked in an outdoor kitchen. The key to a good smoke flavor is a hot grill fire, which creates a lot of smoke. A grill-smoker combo is the best option if you like to cook over charcoal because it lets you control the heat of the fire and use a chimney to add smoke.

Can You Smoke And Grill At The Same Time?

It’s not impossible, but it will take some planning. Smoke tends to dominate the fire, so you want to be sure to light the fire after the meat is smoked. Then, you will have to limit the amount of time the grill is used, which means using less than full power. If you plan to grill after smoking, you must make sure the food is not near the fire to avoid burning the delicate proteins.

Why Choose A Grill & Smoker Combo?

Combining the grill with a smoker gives you better flavor and smoke than having them separate. Using a combo also saves money over buying individual pieces. The grills give you the versatility and control to create the best-tasting food. Smokers help the meat or vegetables retain their juices and provide the foods with the smoking effect. They are perfect for outdoor cooking, or if you’re going on vacation, they will allow you to have the same meals on your patio.

Traeger Vs. Pit Boss: Which Pellet Grill Is Better?

In terms of price and quality, the Pit Boss works better than the Traeger. They are both solid products with unique features and work well for consumers looking for a high-quality pellet grill for outdoor cooking. However, we find the Pit Boss to be less expensive and easier to use than the Traeger.

What’s The Difference Between A Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo And A Gas Grill Smoker Combo?

They both work great! It all comes down to your budget. If you want to make a more significant investment in one product, you will better select items at the grocery store. However, if you prefer the ease of a quick grocery run, then you will be fine with a gas grill combo. Just make sure you buy the most quality, reliable gas grill combo available. If you consider the gas grill combo, you can check out this list of the best gas grills.

What Are The Best Grill Smoker Combo Accessories?

The perfect grilling equipment for a backyard or camping trip is a grill and smoker combo. There are different ways to set up a grill and a smoker, and the right combination will depend on what you’re cooking. You can choose from charcoal, gas, or electric smokers and propane, natural or wood-burning grills. Here are some of the best models available for a combo set that includes a grill and smoker.

How Long Does It Take A Smoker Grill Combo To Heat Up?

If you’re planning on smoking brisket, it may take about 15 minutes to get the smoker ready. However, if you plan on smoking pork, beef, chicken, or seafood, you might want to add 15 to 30 minutes to your cook time, depending on how well-seasoned the meat is.


The airlift hinge has the same function as a regular hinge but reduces the lid’s weight by 96% so that you can lift the lid easily without the aid of a crane. It also reduces the dome’s weight by 96%, so you can carry it from room to room without having to use your shoulder. And it’s also 100% safe. 

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