05 Best Way To Reheat Steak

best way to reheat steak

Steak is one of the most sumptuous and satisfying dishes on the menu. You got that beautiful sear on the outside of your steak after it was cooked at the perfect temperature. Even though you have leftovers, the steak will never be the same, and it could end up being too rubbery for even the most dedicated steak lover. However, you will never have to worry about dry leftover steak again if you learn the best way to reheat steak.

It’s always ideal for eating steak well after it’s cooked, but you might find yourself with a bit of meat leftover. If reheated the wrong way, you’ll end up with a flavourless one. Similarly, steak can become tough, chewy, and lose its flavour, so make sure to get it appropriately reheated.

When reheating your steaks, it’s easy to maintain their juiciness and delicious taste by following a few basic techniques. Whether you want to reheat grilled steak or another type of steak, here are some simple methods to try.

There are five beneficial and popular techniques in this article. When you learn how to cook steak again, you can make it as delicious and juicy as when you first cooked it. Check out the more essential methods and follow the easy one.

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How To Reheat Steak?

To reheat steak, there are five simple ways you can do it – in a microwave, in an oven, on a stovetop, by using an air fryer and others. Of course, it all depends on your personal preference. However, some experts prefer reheating it in an oven because that’s the best way to end up with the juiciest reheated steak.

How To Reheat Steak In Microwave?

Reheating steaks in the microwave is not the ideal way to reheat them. However, it certainly is the quickest way. If you’re in a hurry, there’s no faster way than this. However, you need to take great care to ensure you don’t dry it out by heating it for too long.

Required Things

  • A microwave
  • Microwave-friendly dish
  • Steak
  • Steak sauce


  • Place a damp paper towel over your cooked steak, ensuring that it is evenly placed on a microwave-safe plate.
  • Please turn on the microwave, set it to medium heat, and start reheating the steak for 30 seconds.
  • Turn steak over and cook for a further 30 seconds.
  • You should reheat the steak for 90 seconds to 2 minutes; time depends on the thickness and size of your steak.
  • After that, remove the steak from the microwave and serve with your favourite sauces.
  • Lastly, incremental heating helps prevent you from overheating the steak and ensures that you get a juicy result.

How To Reheat Steak In Oven?

Oven-reheating a steak is the most common way to reheat a steak. It’s the easiest way and most likely to come up when people are asked to describe how to reheat a steak. Reheating steak in the oven should take 30 minutes, and it will yield a tasty and juicy final product.

Required Things

  • An oven
  • A Skillet
  • Flat baking tray
  • Wire rack
  • Steak


  • Keep the steak at room temperature before reheating in an oven.
  • Preheat the oven to 250°F for the best results.
  • Place a flat baking tray in the oven and put a wire rack on top of the tray.
  • Keep the steak in the skillet and place it on the rack in your oven.
  • Put your steak in the preheated oven and cook for approximately 20-30 minutes. Again, the cooking time is dependent on the thickness and quantity of your steak. Check it periodically to ensure it does not dry out.
  • Now, Remove the steak from the wire rack once done. Then, the steak is ready to serve.
  • You can serve it with a flavorful herb or anchovy butter, a delicious pan sauce such as a peppercorn or mushroom sauce, or classic gravy. Drizzle your preferred sauce or flavoured butter over your steak before serving for best results. This allows the sauce to soak in and make it more delicious.

How To Reheat Steak On Stovetop?

If you have a few minutes to spare and don’t want to turn on the oven or microwave, reheating steak on the stovetop is another best way to consider. The best way to reheat steak on stove can be achieved by using cast iron or a nonstick skillet. The simple process can be done slowly, over low heat, so the meat doesn’t dry out.

Required Things

  • Stove
  • A nonstick or cast-iron skillet with a lid
  • A Steak
  • Two teaspoons of oil or butter


  • Remove steak from the refrigerator. Leave it aside for some time so it gets closer to room temperature.
  • It’s time to heat up the cast iron or nonstick skillet on medium-low flame.
  • Best if you add a bit of moisture. Then, when the temperature is warm, add the steak. If you don’t have any juice left in your steak, you can add beef stock.
  • Now, decrease the heat to low and cover the skillet with a lid.
  • It is required to keep an eye on the temperature for the next three to five minutes. Once the meat reaches the desired temperature of 110F, please remove it from the pan from the stove and let it cool. Also, check if the steak has any extra juices; try to empty if available.
  • It’s time to sear it. Make sure the pan is clean, and add a little oil. Medium-high heat is what you want to heat over. When the steak is hot, sear it on both sides for about a minute, until it’s brown and crisp.
  • Now the steak is heated and ready for serving.
  • Finally, make sure to rest the meat before serving for a maximum of five minutes. Resting can help to restore the tenderness and juice of the steak.
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How To Reheat Steak With Sous Vide Machine?

Immersing foods in a warm bath of water is called sous vide. It’s a gentle cooking method that retains food’s flavour and texture while maintaining its nutritional value. You can also use this method to reheat steaks.

Required Things

  • A steak
  • Sealable plastic bag
  • One tablespoon butter
  • A large pot
  • Sous vide machine
  • Paper towels


  • Put the steak and a small amount of butter in a plastic sealable bag.
  • Squeeze as much air as you can out of the bag.
  • The bag should be left on the counter for about 30 minutes to allow it to come to room temperature.
  • Fill a large pot with a temperature between 120°F and 130°F. Then, attach the sous vide machine properly (you can see the instruction manual and follow the said method for attaching the sous vide machine).
  • Now, put the sealed bag in the middle of the pot and cook for 5-8 minutes.

You can reverse sear a steak to get a more delicious exterior. Use paper towels to dry the meat, then sear it in a saucepan on high heat for 60 seconds per side.

How To Reheat Steak In Air Fryer?

Required Things

  • An air fryer
  • A steak
  • Meat thermometer


  • Firstly, preheat your air fryer to approximately 350F.
  • The steak should be allowed to come to room temperature for about 20 minutes before reheating.
  • Now, put the steak in the preheated air fryer’s basket.
  • Start reheating; check after every 2 minutes until the internal temperature reaches 110F to 130F. The reheating time is always dependent on the quantity and thickness of the meat. Thinner steaks will reheat faster, so cook similar-sized pieces of meat together.
  • The best is to use a meat thermometer to avoid overcooking the meat.
  • When you realize the steak is reheated successfully, take it out from the air fryer and serve it with delicious sauces.

Note: It’s best to not reheat your steak straight out of the fridge as this will cause it to overcook. It’s best to let it cool off before reheating.

Simple Tips To Reheat Steaks Ideally

Make sure to consider these tips to reheat leftover steak so that it remains tender and juicy.

1. Steaks can always be cooked to the correct temperature. It is easier to overcook meat when it is reheated. Before you cook your steak, allow it to reach room temperature. This will make it cook more evenly.

2. If your steak needs a little bit of freshness and a nice look, the best is to sear the steak on the stovetop quickly. This method works best for whole steaks, but you can also use it for slices and cubes.

3. The best way to reheat a steak is to slowly reheat it at a low temperature. However, if one goes for a high heat temperature for reheating the steak, the meat will end up tasteless, dry, and rubbery. Therefore, whether using a microwave or any other appliance, keeping the temperature low when reheating the steaks is best.

4. It’s essential to allow the steak to sit for at least five minutes after reheating it before serving. The resting process helps retain the tenderness and juices of steaks and makes the food more delicious.


Is Reheating Steak Bad?

The most common complaint about reheated steak is that it is dry, tasteless, or rubbery. However, there are specific reheating best methods that retain flavour and moistness. Leave leftover steak out of the fridge for about 10 minutes to make sure it’s ready to be reheated. This way, you can get the juiciest, tasty steak.

How Many Times Can You Heat Up Steak?

There is no limit to the number of times you can reheat steaks or other leftovers at home. Reheating one type of dish more than once is fine, but it’s best to limit the number of times you do it. Most of the time, you won’t need to re-warm a similar dish repeatedly.

How Do You Reheat A Steak Without Drying It Out?

According to most professionals, the ideal way to reheat a steak is to warm it up in the oven and then sear it in a skillet for a few minutes. Similarly, this is the method you can use to cook your steak. When you cook the steak through this method, it retains its juiciness and has a nice charred and crisp exterior.

How Long Does Steak Stay Warm?

You don’t have to leave it out for an hour or anything. 5-10 minutes will do it for a steak, and it’ll still be nice and warm. Waiting is essential so that you can rest your meat for a while. Around 5-10 minutes is ideal, and this will make your steak more tender and juicier.

How Long to Let Steak Rest After Cooking?

Can You Reheat Steak in A Grill?

Yes, it’s possible. To reheat the streak in the grill, you will need to prepare the grill for high heat. Sear the steak for a minute on each side. If you want indirect heat, cook it for about 3 minutes. You can check the meat temperature with a thermometer. Also, it’s essential to check the steak every two minutes to make sure it’s not too hot.

How Long Does It Take To Reheat Steak In Air Fryer?

The method of reheating steak in the air fryer is fast. But the total cooking time will depend on the thickness of your steak. So always observe and use a meat thermometer for the best results.

How Long To Reheat Steak In Microwave?

Make sure your microwave is set to medium heat, and cook the steak in 30-second intervals, flipping it over halfway through the cooking time. It is the best way to reheat steak in microwave that will not overcook steak while also preventing it from drying out. This can take 90 seconds to 2 minutes.

Can You Reheat Sliced Steak?

Yes, it can be easier to reheat a sliced steak, but it has a lot of surface area. You will still want to keep an eye on the meat to make sure it doesn’t get too much because this is one time when crowding the air fryer isn’t a bad thing.

When you reheat sliced steak, the most delicious way to do it is to use a hot skillet and let the steak barely touch the pan before you turn it over and remove it.

How To Store A Steak?

Store steak in its original packaging until you are ready to use it. If there is a gap in the packaging, replacing the steak in an airtight glass container is necessary. If you want to prolong its life, place it in your freezer.

Raw steak should be kept wrapped in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week or frozen for six months. At the same time, cooked steak can be stored for 3 to 4 days in the coldest part of your refrigerator. Similarly, refrigerate it in an airtight container or wrap it tightly with a heavy-duty plastic wrap or aluminium foil.

In addition, to extend cooked steak’s shelf life even further, place it in the refrigerator and store it in a freezer bag or an airtight container. It’ll last for around 2 to 3 months.

Final Words

If you’ve got any leftover steak, various workable methods for reheating it. The oven, stovetop, air fryer, or even sous vide are all viable options, but the best choice always depends on the user’s preference. Therefore, cooking your steak well and storing it ideally will help your steak retain more juice and flavour.

I wish you liked the guide on the best way to reheat steak. If you want to enjoy leftover steak, try one of the methods mentioned and ideally reheat it in no time.

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