How to Know if Steak is Bad?

How to tell if steak is bad

If you are storing a piece of steak in the refrigerator or freezer as you are not eating it right now, it can prevent your steak from spoiling. However, it will keep your meat fresh. So steaks can go bad even in the freezer if not stored correctly or kept for too long. And if steak goes bad, it can make you severely sick. If steak goes bad, it has a bad pungent odour, and it is unpleasant to eat. If a piece of steak goes bad, it will be sticky and slimy to touch.

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How you get to know that your steak has gone off?

If you have stored your meat steaks in the refrigerator or freezer for some days, it’s necessary to check them timely. So that if it has not spoiled before cooking it because it can severely affect your health. Even the pieces of meat can be rotten, keeping in the refrigerator. So it is necessary to know how to tell if steak is bad and avoid bad odour sticky, smelly steak, which is unpleasant and unhealthy. And can make your stomach unhappy.  So you must know some of the following characteristics that can tell that if your steak is bad

My Recommendations

So let me know what to look out for. If steak is bad after reading my recommendation, you must distinguish between healthy steak and spoiled or lousy steak. If your piece of meat or steak has passed its expiry date, then you must avoid using it. And if your steak is inducing a pungent smell and its thick appearance has been changed to a slimy appearance, you must identify that it has gone bad and should be trashed out. 

Discolored steak may feel unpleasant, and if your meat is dark or any of the above signs you may detect, it must not be grilled but should be trashed out. And if you want to make your steak fresh and want its longevity, you must store it properly to avoid its spoilage. And once you decided to hold it in the freezer, you must wrap it in a vacuum wrapper, keep it in a freezer, and use it before the expiration date. Must note down the expiry date for its future use.

Signs to check if steak is bad

Here are the signs from which you can detect spoiled and unspoiled steak:-

  1. Expiry date
  2. Slimy appearance
  3. Pungent smell
  4. Dry or juiceless

Expiration Date

It is very much apparent that one should be careful about the expiry date. Still, many people don’t know the difference between sell-by and expiry date. And even some of the peoples think that if you have put your steak in the freezer then no longer its expiry date will matters. But let me clear this puzzle that sell-by date and expiry date are all different. You How To Make BBQ Rub For Ribs? | 19 Amazing Grills Do BBQ RUBSkeep in mind that you should not use that steak after the expiry date as it can be hilarious for your health. And also want to clear the myth of keeping it in the freezer and expiry, so it does not matter if you have kept it in the freezer,   but after the expiry date, you can’t use it anymore.

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There is the best way to remember that when you are storing it in a refrigerator, you must keep in mind the date on a wrapping paper so that you can’t forget the date and remember that when you have kept steaks in the refrigerator. Mostly steak can remain safe for just 3 to 5 days.

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Does it have Slim Appearance?

If you have a bad odour of steak and you may feel changing appearance from thick to slim. If it is clear or reddish, then it is eatable. And if it looks yellowish or discoloured, it will make the appearance of the steak unshiny than usual. And it may have a slimy, sticky appearance from a thick shinier appearance. When a steak initiate mould, it first changes its appearance; moulding is a sign that it is fully loaded with bacteria and is no longer safe to eat. After moulding, the steak will have a slimy film appearance.

Bad odour or Pungent Smell

Fresh steak does not necessarily have a significant odour. Still, there must be a distinguishing feature between good fresh steak or spoiled steak just by smelling with your nose. A rotten steak will have a potential pungent odour that no longer smells like a fresh steak. And once you smell it and you can decide either to eat or not. Sometimes dry steak can also smell the same as spoiled steak because the drying steak process induces lactic acid, which also smells stinky. So it would be best if you made sure of the pungent smell of bad steak before trashing it out.

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Is it Dry or Juiceless?

Another sign to detect either steak is bad or not you must check its dry appearance and shine of fresh steak. Make sure that does it look dry to touch. Or having an unshining appearance because of juicelessness. However, if a steak shows dry and juiceless texture, you must confirm that the steak is rotten or spoiled. And it will distract your cooking and alter the texture and flavour of your steak as juiced steak has moisture and will avoid exposure to bacteria that can cause premature spoilage and potent, pungent smell and taste.


The above-given information will help you to understand that how to tell if a steak is bad or not ( spoiled or non-spoiled). And if you want that your steak doesn’t go bad, you must follow the above-given recommendation so that you can have a healthy and pleasant steak to eat.  It would be best if you kept your steaks frozen until and unless you are not going to eat them. And if you are storing them for the time being, you must wrap them properly to avoid spoilage of steaks. You must do air-tight packaging so that you may prevent the spoilage of steak and enjoy your juicy grilled steak at your dining.

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