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Kamikoto is a Japanese company that produces top-quality Japanese-style knives made in China and Japan. These knives sell for quite expensive prices, especially blades with high-quality steel. Kamikoto is a famous brand for its sharp, high-quality, corrosion-resistant, and robust kitchen knives. The hand-crafting of knives is completed in China by the master knife makers. Their steel comes from Honshu, the Island in Honshu, Japan. 

Kamikoto set out to seek advice from Japanese experts on blades in addition to reliable Japanese bladesmiths. They also designed knives that top chefs worldwide admire by knife lovers. Therefore, we’ll be reviewing top quality hand-crafted Kamikoto knife sets to read this blog post if they’ll meet your requirements.

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9 Best Kamikoto knives

According to the needs of every kitchen, the best Kamikoto knives deal with different users in the kitchen. And help in cutting swiftly and safely. So, I will be knowledgeable right after going through the types below. With the following types of Kamikoto knives, you can easily choose your kitchen use according to your needs.

1. Santoku Kamikoto Knife

Kamikoto 7in. Santoku Chef Knife

as of April 7, 2024 2:46 am

The Santoku knives are originated from China, and they resemble the Chef’s knives. They have a broad blade but no pointed end. And the length is about 5 inches to 9 inches. Most of the reviews suggested that Kamikoto knives help cut veggies, slice cheese, cut large or standard pieces of meat quickly, etc.

2. Utility Kamikoto knife

Kamikoto Steak Knife Set

as of April 7, 2024 2:46 am

Based on many reviews, this Kamikoto knife is an all-rounder product. These utility knives often perform as an all-rounder because they cut various foods in different styles like slicing meat, burgers, sandwiches, all types of veggies, and bagels, etc. You can use them for other specific types of knives too. The length ranges from 4 inches to 7 inches.

3. Slicing Kamikoto knife

Kamikoto Ryoshi Knife Set

as of April 7, 2024 2:46 am

Slicing knives have a long and thin steel blade and rounded and pointed end. The steel blade is a little flexible that helps cut and slice chicken pieces, pork, and fish, slicing the various fruits and veggies for making a salad. The length of slicing knives varies from 6 inches to 9 inches that help in slicing the food items adequately. Many Kamikoto knives reviews suggested to must have them because of their versatile uses.

4. Cleaver Kamikoto Knife

Cleaver Knife - imarku 7 Inch Meat Cleaver - 7CR17MOV German High Carbon Stainless Steel Butcher Knife with Ergonomic Handle for Home Kitchen and Restaurant, Ultra Sharp

as of April 7, 2024 2:46 am

Based on many reviews, the cleaver knife is also known as butcher’s knives because they quickly cut large pieces of meat. The cleaver knives are special in cutting meat, so they are heavy-weighted and have thick and broad steel blades. Unfortunately, they have a sharp edge that is extremely dangerous, so one must use them safely or care!

The sharp and brad steel blade of these knives helps swift cutting which indirectly helps consume a small amount of time. They are also used to separate the bones from large meat pieces and cut large veggies like pumpkins and squash. The length of these knives ranges from 6 inches to 12 inches. One of the reviews said that this Kamikoto knife is the most stylish and durable.

5. Kamikoto Knife – Senshi Dual Knife Set

Kamikoto - Senshi Dual Knife Set

as of April 7, 2024 2:46 am

Kamikoto knives are beautiful to view. This set of two knives takes things one step further and includes a beautiful wooden stand that prominently displays the knives. It’s functional also, as it allows you to easily take away the knives whenever you’re ready to utilize the knives. There will be many jealous glances from guests who see the knives placed on the counter. They are fantastic for cooking, too.

There’s a 10-inch chef’s knife as well as a 5.5-inch utility knife, both of which are incredibly sharp straight from the box. As with the other Kamikoto knives, these are somewhat heavy, and however, they’re well balanced and very user-friendly.

If you’re looking to buy traditional Japanese knives, it’s best to take a look elsewhere. The blades are too big and have an angled double bevel that will cause a commotion among strict people. If you’re looking for simple knives, you can utilize them in the kitchen, and this set is a perfect choice.

In terms of style in this collection, it has relatively muted lines. This isn’t necessarily a negative, and it’s an opportunity to show off the high-gloss steel and the beautiful natural shade created by the angles carved into every knife. The simple black handles show off the sleek design of knives and delicately highlight the high-quality craftsmanship. Simply put, These knives are perfect in their standard form, instead of trying to make it better. This results in a stunning design that can be used in any kitchen.

Like all high-end knives, you’ll need to sharpen them frequently. This shouldn’t be a problem of severe chefs as it means your blades will remain sharp, highly sharp to the time you keep the sharpness. The premium steel used in these knives is likely to last for at least a decade. This means that you may be able to slice tomatoes into thin slices using the same knife 10 years from now, provided you sharpened it in the last few months.

The main draw for Kamikoto knives lies in their exquisite design and the Kamikoto branding. The display block included inside this knife set is ideal for showing both aspects.  If you can come across it for sale, it’s a perfect option to add to your kitchen. Similar to other Kamikoto knives isn’t recommended to purchase the total MSRP price for this set.

6. Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set

Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set

as of April 7, 2024 2:46 am

The most top item of importance includes his knives. This Kamikoto Kensei knife set distinguishes the user based on its brand and elevates you to the top class. The elegant knife set contains three exquisitely designed knives: a boning knife, which is often referred to as Honesuki (6.5 inches) and a Kiritsuke knife (9.5-inches), as well as a Kata-ha knife (single with a bevelled).

Prepare yourself for the set-up for cooking. Start by deboning your poultry using Honesuki or dice and cutting pieces of meat using the Kiritsuke knife or cut up fish with The Kata-ha knife. This knife set will make all of your cooking needs, excluding an animal bone chain cutter and cutter. Many who bought the set and are currently using it have said it is a Kiritsuke knife that is balanced, lightweight and comes with sharp edges.

It is possible to display this set of knives in your kitchen or on the dining table when guests come to eat with you. Prepare for the possibility of people looking at the set instead of listening to your voice as a host when you display it at the table. If you’ve been wondering about the set’s high-end quality, it’s time to look around and purchase an entire collection.

7. Kamikoto Kuro Series Knife Set

Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set

as of April 7, 2024 2:46 am

Kuro stands for black for Japanese, black represents the upper class, and Kamikoto has become a well-known name. Having read each of the four reviews, you’re aware of the superiority of Honshu steel and the exquisite precise cutting that they provide.

But, this set of knives is not made of steel. The Kuro Series knives are constructed of zirconium dioxide blades and the toughest ever blades made by Kamikoto. The Kuro Series knife collection comes complete with a certificate of authenticity that will answer any doubt about its authenticity.

This set of knives gives you access to three different and diverse blades to meet the majority of your cooking needs. It has a Santoku Knife (7″), a Kuro Series Nakiri Knife (6.5 ”), and a Kuro Series Utility Knife (5″). With these knives, you’ll be able to handle the everyday requirements of cooking in your kitchen effortlessly.

8. Kamikoto 13-inch Yanagiba

Kamikoto 13-inch Yanagiba

as of April 7, 2024 2:46 am

Unlock the ash wood box and reveal the stunning simple-bevel 13 inches Yanagiba blade. It is made of Japanese Honshu steel heated to 3092degF, and a single glance will tell you that long-standing traditions specially make this knife.

While the blade is impressive by itself, right now, it’s bundled with four double-bevel Ryoba steak knives. With a sharp edge that doesn’t require serration, these knives slice in tough meat with tenderness like champions. Set in a wooden box, the set is an exquisite gift for yourself or your family members.

Kamikoto Steak Knives Review 

The quality of the food we eat depends on the ingredients we use and our equipment. The Steak Knives feature an edge that is not serrated this feature helps the meat’s texture to remain together and the juices to stay inside.

The knives are sharpened to an 11-degree angle. The Steak knives come with a stunning refined look, with a shiny black handle, perfect for any dining table. The package includes four blades and is presented inside a hand-crafted wooden box.

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Kamikoto Knife Buying Guide


It’s essential to know the different parts of a tool, including what and how they interrelate. A knife is a tool to cut things. But what kind of tool do you need to build to cut wood, metal, or flesh? It turns out there is a distinct difference in how each of these materials needs to be cut.

That’s the thing that cuts the cheese! Forged from high-carbon steel, Kamikoto’s knives are subjected to a long and thorough heat treatment process to give them the toughness and edge retention needed to perform in the field. This product provides an excellent edge to your sword, and it has been proven effective in battle after battle. It will give you a long-lasting, razor-sharp edge. Furthermore, the naturally occurring rust on the outside of the boat protects the wood from the corrosive effect of the water.

A bolster is a long, thick rectangular piece of fabric used to fill the mattress and support the mattress’s body. “No-bolster” means you can use the entire length of the blade, which makes them ideal for skinning and general DIY work. The bolster in the knife’s handle is made out of the same high-grade steel as the blade. The knife is exceptionally hard-wearing and maintains its sharpness far longer than any other type of knife.

Where you grasp it to pull it out of the case, these high-quality knives have a polished wood or resin handle, giving them a refined appearance. These are two of the best-designed kitchen knives I’ve ever seen. Their combination of a comfortable grip, complete tang design, and the inclusion of sharpening steel makes these the perfect all-purpose kitchen knives.


All Kamikoto’s knives are made with a full tang. Tang is the extra metal that extends beyond the knife’s cutting edge. “Sharpness Is In The Groove” – when a knife is “tuned up”, it enhances the ability of the Chef to achieve maximum “groove” when cutting or slicing food. That process is known as “honing” and makes the blade’s edge extremely tough. A full tang knife is the best choice for opening boxes, cutting rope, breaking down beer and wine bottles and any other job that requires an edge. You should take good care of these knives. When they are adequately cared for, they will last a lifetime and be handed down to the next generation of your family.


Whether you need the whole set or just the scissors and the knife, the need for these kitchen utensils is so great that you should get them, no matter what other “need” products you are currently considering. Usually, I’d answer with something clever like ice cream, but that wouldn’t be correct. If you have the option of a straight blade or a curved one, go for the straight one. Straight edges are sharper than curved ones.


Another essential factor you should consider when buying a knife from Amazon is the brand. There are several brands to choose from, all of which are worthy. Just make sure the brand you choose is reliable. Different sellers sell different brands, and it’s essential to understand each type of brand a seller is offering to make the right decision. That’s not always true. Sometimes, high-quality and well-known brands are cheaper than low-quality and unknown brands.


A tang knife has a blade that extends to the knife’s handle. This is the best kind of knife to use if you want to cut something hard like wood or metal. A single edge (like the razor-sharp edge of a razor) offers you great strength unless they are too blunt lest they cut. Unless you have a particular requirement, always choose a tang knife.

Properties of Kamikoto Knives

Here is the best opportunity to get the awareness of the properties of the kamikoto knives because you may be using them. However, you are still not aware of some features of these knives. So, don’t miss it; maybe you ignore using some elements from the main properties of these knives.

So, let’s begin to discuss the main properties of the kamikoto knives.

Feel trouble-free

They have the main feature that insists people buy them. The main property is the construction that is light weighted. There is a perfect grip to hold, not slippery, not rough to hold. You can freely use them daily for multi-purposes.

After the first try, when you use the kamikoto knives on the first try, you will automatically find the clear-cut improvement in your kitchen tasks like the less time-consuming and easy cutting of meat, veggies, fruits, etc. You will feel comfortable using them because they will never let your hand hurt and prevent strain on your hand.

Chic appearance

The chic appearance of kamikoto knives is the main feature because they grab people’s attention and convince them to buy.

And it is impossible that if your guest has sighted the kamikoto knives suddenly, they will not pass a compliment. They are also the reason to grab your guest’s attention when they walk through your kitchen.

As we all know, they are the invention of the Japanese, so the construction is according to Japanese tradition; these chic looks give an adorable touch to your kitchen.

You can find out the most stylish and durable kamikoto knives.

Accessible to hand and light-weighted

The construction is primarily for your convenience because they are mainly constructed, lightweight. You can easily use them for a long duration of cutting, but it will not harm you and never make you tired. They are easy to handle because of the wooden part and a grip for holding and never strain your hand.

And you will find this comfort zone and feature in all products, not only found in selected products. Therefore, it will help you opting knives according to your desires, and there will be a need to think about the comfort zone in different products.

Effortless to clean

These knives are available in wooden cases for safety, and they need no effort to clean. Still, they must be stored in a safe place because if they get damaged, they will be useless. So, it depends on you whether you are sincere with these kamikoto knives or not because you will treat them properly kamikoto knives if you want to keep them with you for long-lasting.

Suppose you are worrying after reading that you must treat the kamikoto knives very well and are unaware of the hidden tips to keep them. So, stick to reading this article! In that case, there is no need to worry because you will get the best tips maintaining the tips kamikoto knives.

Aftercare clues

Don’t forget to clean knives right after using them. The safest side is to clean with a soft sponge and rinse it from the tap water. Don’t forget that there will be no hard and abrasive products to clean them and not use metal spiral wire. Finally, don’t apply pressure while cleaning.

And try to avoid the collision of other cookware because the other cookware also can cause damage to them. The kamikoto knives either can cause damage to other cookware due to their pointed edges. After cleaning, you must dry them with the help of a kitchen towel or any soft fabric before storing them.

And while purchasing, purchase the wooden cutting board and use that cutting board for cutting. And for sharpening the steel blade edges with the Japanese whetstone. It helps prevent the kamikoto knives from being damaged. Don’t use them to cut frozen food, and avoid putting on heavy cookware or pots and pans.


Kamikoto knives are causally in a home kitchen and restaurant kitchen as well. These knives are the world’s best knives and the most favorite knives of the world’s best chefs. You can also use them to give someone a present because they are old-time-honoured traditional knives and long-lasting.

The decorative value

These kamikoto knives are old Japanese traditional knives, and they are crafted as a Japanese tradition. They give you a glamorous and elegant look when you display them in your kitchen, and the chic appearance grabs the attention of every person who will sight them at once.

The shiny steel blade and the entire crafted wooden body look impressive and catch everyone’s attention.

Constructed by high-quality Japanese steel

The kamikoto family opts for the best Japanese quality steel for making these knives. Due to the best quality, the Japanese give sturdiness or strength to these knives. However, Japanese steel is heavy-weighted, corrosion-free, and heavy-duty for multi-purposes.

High accuracy finishing

The steel blade of the knives has a shiny material coating called Satin, which helps keep the edge shining. As a result, these knives are well organized for cutting purposes, and the glossy appearance gives an elegant look when they are put on display. Furthermore, the Satin coating gives the perfect finishing to the kamikoto knives, and these also have all standard properties.

The kamikoto brand pays full attention to the construction of the kamikoto knives, and they take their eyes into the details of the kamikoto knives.


These kamikoto knives are the best worldwide then this is obvious that they are durable for an extended period. But it depends on you that how you are taking care of them. Keep them adequately then you will not face any issues and damages of kamikoto knives.

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What is a Kamikoto Knife?

Kamikoto knives are popular knives among chefs worldwide and are very available and world-class. They were invented by the Japanese and are named Kamikoto knives because they are made by the headquarter in Tokyo, Japan, KAMIKOTO. They are best at making knives with excellent reviews, and their family makes this kind of world’s best knives. Based on the study of customers, they use unique Japanese steel material in making Kamikoto knives.

The steel blade is famous as the best blade worldwide and is specially used for making knives. The Kamikoto family doesn’t use machines to make them. Instead, they use their hands to craft these knives. They use the best steel quality, go along with the old techniques and patterns in making Kmikoto knives, and follow their old tradition about 800 years old. Kamikoto family make them by using their hand to ensure they stay for a long time and the chefs and cooking lovers. The family has been running their knives making business since 1908.

Where Are Kamikoto Knives Made?

No. These are the best utility knives for camping and backpacking. They are built like tanks and have an enormous amount of razor-sharp cutting ability, and it just means they’ve been processed a little bit, which makes them even more valuable.

Though this has come to be associated with “cheap and mass-produced products,” Kamikoto Knives are anything. Their products are hand-crafted using only the highest-quality materials. Rather than reducing the quality of the product, Kamikoto adds a unique flair to Japanese knife designs. By drawing on the skills of Chinese artisans, the Kamikoto product line enhances the appeal of Japanese knives to the Western market.

How do you sharpen Kamikoto knives?

You’ll need to purchase a whetstone to sharpen your Kamikoto knives. It’s a straightforward tool that allows you to maintain a keen edge in your stone-sharpening skills. Single-bevelled knives are much safer to use than double-bevelled knives. That’s because when you use a double-bevelled knife, both edges of the blade have the same angle, which makes it easier for you to cut yourself. Many people are intimidated by using a whetstone, but once you know how simple it is, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Do NOT use steel wool or scouring pad to remove the rust; rub the pad gently across the blade of your knife. Place the rough side of the blade of your serrated knife (the one with the saw-tooth edges) on the stone and begin running it back and forth over the edge of the blade. Angle your knife at a 10-degree angle. Cut the bread on this same diagonal (down and across). Wetting the stone as you sharpen the steel (repeatedly)

How do you cut with a Kamikoto knife?

Your kitchen knives are an essential part of your everyday life, and they are tools for cutting all kinds of things. But they have an extraordinary role to play when it comes to improving your personal life. Keep the knife moving smoothly and consistently in a straight line, cutting in smooth, even motions that follow through with each movement.

Yes, there are several different blades, so your cute little swing will be different depending on which one you use. Don’t worry about which one you are using. Always make sure to cut with purpose.

What angle are Kamikoto knives?

A Kamikoto knife is a Japanese blade that cuts paper and other thin materials. It has a much more delicate edge than other blades and is perfect for using a woodblock or other mechanical method for cutting paper and other thin materials. Most Japanese knives have a 10-degree angle, which means most of them are safe to use for cutting. However, there are a few exceptions that have a steeper 15-degree angle.

How Often Kamikoto Knives Need To Be Sharpened?

It would be better to have your hair cut more often than not, and having it cut too long can lead to nicks and cuts that can eventually become infected. A well-sharpened knife is more likely to slip and cause an amount than a dull one, and it is essential to re-sharpen your kitchen knives at least once every six months. When you use them in heavy cutting or any other situation where they can do some severe damage, or if you are not using a product with an adequate amount of protective coating, safety glass will almost always give you.

What is the best way to store my Kamikoto knives?

There are several options to choose from when it comes to storing knives, and it could be any of these or something else. The point is you need to have a place for your knives that keeps them clean and where they are easily accessible. A rack is framed and mounted on the kitchen wall.


The kamikoto knives were invented by the Japanese, and they are known as the best knives. The Japanese steel blade is used in the construction of these knives. Many types of knives help a lot in cutting various food items like large pieces of meat, multiple types of vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc.

And these different varieties of kamikoto knives have other functions, and some are all-rounder. So, don’t overthink because you may miss out on discounts on having kamikoto buy one get one free! And the quality of these kamikoto knives is the world’s best quality because they are durable for an extended period.

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