How To Use An Electric Smoker ? | 10 Simple Steps

how to use an electric smoker


Electric smoker is one of the best smoking appliances that can help beginners for preparing delicious recipes. It is the supreme smoker that one can use for daily household cooking as well as for special events. The electric smoker is feasible and understandable to operate, unlike the charcoal smokers that demand one to babysit during the whole smoking process. In addition, an electric smoker is more automatic and workable to smoke ribs and also not difficult to use. Moreover, add wood chips in the electric smoker to enhance its flavors.

Yet, we have gathered the information for you, how to use an electric smoker? By following 10 simple steps, you can ideally use an electric smoker whenever you require. Also, there are few tips mentioned for your consideration that would help you in avoiding common mistakes while smoking meat in an electric smoker.

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10 Simple steps to use electric smoker perfectly

Comparatively, an electric smoker is easy to use than other smokers grills. Similarly, the device is user-friendly and provides ease to the users. Yet, some people need to unveil the simple steps of how to use an electric smoker. Therefore, the following steps would make your smoking game strong by using a fantastic electric smoker.

1. Buy an electric smoker that suits you  

Generally, people tend to buy the product in demand worldwide or choose the inexpensive product. You always need to pick the product that suit your cooking needs. Try to focus on the size first. It is directly proportional to your cooking requirement. Similarly, if you are looking for a smoker that addresses your large family quickly, then go for jumbo-sized smoker. Alike, if you have a limited family, then buy a medium size of an electric smoker. Secondly, keep in mind, where to place the smoking appliance? If your home isn’t enough big, then avoid purchasing large smokers. Also, electric smokers need electricity ports to power up. It would be best if you kept the smoker near an electric port. Furthermore, when buying an electric smoker, choose the one that is safe for pets and kids.

Therefore, if you are confused between the best electric smokers, read our guide on “The 8 Best Electric Smokers” and get help in buying amazing smokers.

2. Season the electric smoker  

Seasoning means to start cleaning the dust, grime, and any other first from the internal cooking surface of your electric smoker before start cooking. It is essential to season your electric smoker to remove residue solvent. You can practice it by rubbing the dust with the help of cooking oil. After covering each part of your smoker with a light coat of cooking oil, you can turn on the smoker and set the temperature ranging from 250°F to 275°F. Now let it run for the next 3 hours. Then, turn the smoker off and open the door to cool down the internal temperature. It is necessary to season the smoker once right after buying it. Otherwise, during the cooking sessions, one may face numerous issues regarding heat temperature.

Furthermore, most brands provide proper guidance in the manual on how to season your smoker. So, one may follow it for better understandings. Therefore, if one practices seasoning the smoker before every cooking session, then it would be best.

3. Turn the power on of your electric smoker

Electric smokers run with electricity, and that’s the main power to turn the smoker on. So, one must power it up by connecting the switch to a nearer electricity port and starting it. Furthermore, you can read the manual too for additional information.

4. Add flavour and moist to the food

Most smokers come water pan that is most simple to refill while cooking. Whereas, if your smoker doesn’t have a water pan, place an aluminum tray full of water under the grill grates. The tray should be deep so that the water from it shouldn’t come out. Also, if your electric smoker has a water pan, you can refill it as per the requirements. People like to add different herbs in the water pan to end up having flavored and soft meat. Hence, you can do the same to achieve the desired flavor.

5. Enhance the flavour of your food by adding wood chips

Charcoal smokers usually achieve the flavor of smoky meat. But today, most advanced electric smokers can provide the ultimate flavored food that a charcoal smoker does. Similarly, a wood chip tray is available in an electric smoker supposed to fill with wood chips. You need to add when you are going to start smoking. Hence, the wood chip addition in an electric smoker would transform the taste of your food perfectly.

6. Prepare your meat for smoking

Prepare the meat according to the electric smoker recipes you are following. Similarly, if it’s required to add some spices, etc., then do the same. Also, some electric smoker recipes say to marinate the meat before placing it into the grill grates. So you can do it too. But keep in your mind, you always must contain few recipes when you are going to smoke meat in an electric smoker. Sometimes, you need to marinate the beef overnight according to the recipe. Thus, you must have a proper plan and ingredients before you make a start. Therefore, make your food ready by adding all the spices and flavors, etc. Now it’s time to move to the next step.

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7. Place meat into the smoker

After preparing food, it’s time to put the meat inside the smoker right at the top of the grill grates. It’s best if your electric smoker contains numerous grill grates. Then you can add multiple food items at the same time. Also, place your food directly to the grates to get better and even heat temperature. Hence, keep the meat in an accurate position at the start so that you will not need to recheck it frequently.

8. Look the door

After food placement, it’s essential to close the door of the electric smoker and lock it. Some smoker contains advanced secured locks that are more efficient in preventing food from letting out. Additionally, it is necessary to use the built-in door handle of the smoker to shut and open the door. Also, be careful because the door handle can get hot, and you may face difficulty in touching it. So, better if you use gloves or cloth pieces for support.

9. Time to mange temperature and start the cooking process

Check your smoker’s timer gauge and temperature settings and set the temperature and timer according to the electric smoker recipes you are following. Also, you can further adjust the heat temperature by using vents and dampers during the cooking process. So that you must get aware of your meat situation. Similarly, if you need to change the temperature setting, play with dampers and vents, which would help increase and decrease airflow and manage heat temperature while cooking.

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10. Enjoy food

Let your food take the desiring time in cooking. After that, you need to open the door and take out the food. But, the most important thing is to check the meat by using meat probes to know whether it’s done or not. Similarly, when it’s done, you can take it out from the smoker and serve it on the platter as you want. Therefore, your scrumptious meat is ready to eat.

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Tips to use electric smiker perfectly

  1. Numerous electric smokers contain their temperature thermometers to facilitate the cooking process. But somehow, those built-in probes are not reliable. So it’s better to buy a meat thermometer separately so that you can not face hurdles in future cooking sessions with the available electric smoker.
  2. Whether you are smoking pork shoulder, ribs, briskets, chicken, or any other meat, you need to adjust the heat temperature according to your cooking type of electric smoker. In parallel, if you are cooking brisket, port shoulder, port butt, ribs, and another similar kind of meat, keep the heat temperature of electric smoker around 225°F. Whereas, for making turkey and chicken, set the temperature around 275°F to smoke perfectly.
  3. Whenever smoking in an electric smoker, try creating something unique flavor ribs and other items by adding wood chips. There are numerous hard wood chips available in the market to try and achieve the yummy tasty food at the end in electric smoker.
  4. Electric smokers usually take more time to prepare their food. But they are easy to operate and understand. Even beginners can try it and make the best out of it. For more facilitation, you can check the smoker setting in the initial process so that you wouldn’t have to recheck it frequently.
  5. After using the electric smoker, it’s necessary to keep it clean. Because the left food particles in the smoker can get a burn during your next cooking session, so it is mandatory to clean it right after use. In addition, these smokers contain drip pans that can be removed and cleaned easily. By doing this every time after smoking, you can use your smoker for long years with ease.


Hence, by following the above steps and tips, how to use an electric smoker? You might be able to become master in smoking ribs, chicken, briskets, porks or something likewise in an electric smoker. I hope that the information would facilitate you in every cooking session and make you putting less efforts using an electric smoker.

Would you please keep sharing your thoughts in comments’ box and let us know your favorite part regarding an electric smoker?

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