How Long Do You Cook Bacon In An Air Fryer?

How Long Do You Cook Bacon In An Air Fryer?

Air frying is a terrific technique to cook bacon without the hassle of traditional ways. There are numerous varieties of air fryers on the market. The best one for you will depend on how much space you have and what you want to accomplish. This recipe calls for an air fryer, great for cooking bacon.

5 Simple Steps To Make Air Fryer Bacon Recipe


3-7 Pieces of Bacon, cut in half widthwise

Black Pepper

Water (Optional)

Steps (Instructions)

  1. Preheat the air fryer to 370 degrees F (If needed)
  2. Add a little bit of water to the air fryer drip tray to prevent smoking. Use just enough to cover the bottom of the tray below the grate; this was 1/2 cup in my air fryer (if needed).
  3. Cover the bottom of the air fryer tray with water if you want to be extra careful to prevent the air fryer from smoking. But see the section below on why this is probably not even necessary.
  4. Place the bacon strips in a single layer in the air fryer basket, overlapping slightly. Cut strips in half if needed to fit more.  
  5. Air fry regular cut bacon at 350˚F for 7-9 minutes, or until bacon is browned and reaches desired crispiness. 
  6. Cook the bacon, adjust the slices to avoid overlapping and cook another 1-5 minutes, depending on size and desired doneness.
  7. Check the bacon throughout the cooking time to ensure it isn’t overcooking. You can cook food and make tasty dishes.
  8. Transfer bacon to a paper towel-lined plate, then serve. If cooking bacon in batches, discard any oil in the drip pan before repeating the process.

It is the best investment that you have made for your kitchen. It will save your time as well as money.

How to cook bacon in an air fryer?

The next step is to cut the bacon and set it aside. In this step, we will take the rest of the ingredients and mix them. Make sure the oil you use is high heat oil like avocado oil. It will help you to cook the bacon more quickly.

You need to add the rest of the ingredients to the bowl. Take all of the spices and turmeric. Add these all together and make sure they are well mixed.

Now, add the rest of the ingredients in the order I mentioned. The first thing is the eggs, and then you can add the potatoes. Make sure the potatoes are cut into cubes.

Then you can add the other ingredients in this order. First, you need to add salt and pepper. Then you need to add the rest of the ingredients. Make sure the potatoes and the egg are covered with the seasoning mix.

Now, add the rest of the ingredients in the order I mentioned. The first thing is salt and pepper. Then you can add the rest of the ingredients. Make sure the potatoes and the egg are covered with the seasoning mix.

Once the eggs and the potatoes are fully coated with the seasoning mix, you can place them in the air fryer. Cook them for 20 minutes and then take them out. Let them cool down. You can enjoy your bacon while it’s still hot.

Benefits of Air Fryer

This device has many benefits, and it is one of the easiest ways to cook food. Here are some of the benefits you will get after using this air fryer.

It will help you reduce your fat intake.

It would help if you had a diet that would reduce your weight, but this device will be helpful for you. This device will help you cook healthier food as it won’t contain any oil or fat. So, your body will feel light and healthy.

It will help you cook fast.

It takes only a few minutes to prepare and cook the food. You can prepare everything within a few minutes. This will save you time and energy.

You can use it for all types of food.

This device will allow you to cook all types of food, including salads and desserts. If you are searching for an air fryer, you must buy this one.

How Long to Cook Bacon in the Air Fryer?

It hardly takes 15-20 minutes to cook bacon in the air fryer. 

The cooking time for this recipe varies depending on the doneness of your bacon, the thickness of the bacon, and the style of your air fryer.

Regular Bacon – for softer bacon, air fry at 350˚F for 9 to 10 minutes, and cook for 12 to 13 minutes for crispier bacon.

Is it safe to cook bacon in an air fryer?

Yes! It’s safe to cook bacon in the air fryer because of its ventilated design. There are no toxic fumes and no grease to clean up. The food is safe and healthy. The cooking temperature is also kept at 200 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. This will help keep your food from drying out or breaking apart. Plus, the air fryer produces moist heat.

Is cooking bacon in the air fryer healthier?

Bacon comprises fewer calories to make it as crispy as possible, which would render as much fat from the bacon as possible. If you cook your bacon to where it is not very crispy, it will have more fat, which means more calories.

In the air, fryer bacon cooks faster than in a conventional oven. The air fryer doesn’t use any oil, and there is only a tiny amount of fat to fry in. And it takes very little time to cook. So this type of bacon won’t make anyone sick, and the flavor is delicious!


Bacon is a favorite food for everyone. If you love to eat bacon, then the air fryer is the best choice. It is easy to use, so you don’t need to waste time preparing. All you need to do is cook it for 20 minutes, and it will be ready.

Air frying bacon is a great way to cook bacon without the mess of traditional methods. If you’re interested in air frying bacon, I recommend purchasing an air fryer that will fit your kitchen. Some air fryers come with a basket to hold the bacon while it cooks. If you don’t have an air fryer, there are many different ways to cook bacon. Have you tried any other recipes for air-fried bacon? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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